Day in my Life - new personal project

I've read many blog posts and photography articles about ideas for and the importance of pursuing personal projects as a photographer. I'd try them all if I had all the time in the world. I did try the Project 365 - taking a picture every day for a year - about three times. I made it through January this year. So, for now, I've decided a more attainable goal will be to take one day a month and photograph my life that day. I've chosen the 5th of each month because my birthday is on the 5th of May.

November was the first month of this project. It was slightly more difficult than I anticipated. Once I pick up a camera and start shooting, I kind of get lost in my head and in looking through the lens. I can't really do that when I'm the only adult with my kids all day, and I'm supposed to be teaching them school. Here are the selections from November 5, 2015.