Marketing a new idea

I had the idea last summer but tossed it aside. "People won't be interested," I told myself. "I'm too busy." I had a few other lame excuses/reasons why I wasn't going to pursue the idea and left it at that.

Then at the end of may a friend asked if I would be interested in doing exactly what I had thought about last year! Of course I said yes and the next day I got to work taking sample shots and putting a plan in place.

So, what did my friend ask me to do? She has invited me to do a "back to school" picture session for her small homeschool group. And her reason for inviting me is great. School pictures provide a record of our children's growth and change from one year to the next. She realized she was missing out on that. I know my mom kept all my school pictures and it's fun to look back at them now and see my own growth and development. (I won't mention that I can also see some questionable hairstyle and clothing choices in the same pictures.)

I plan to contact several local homeschool groups to offer this to them. If any of you know any groups that would be interested, please contact me, or pass this along to them! I would also be interested in speaking to small preschools about this service.